Sindy N. Mthimkhulu


Ms Mthimkhulu works for the Joint River Basin Authorities Project Board as the CEO. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Master’s Degree in Integrated Water Resources Management and an MPhil in Integrated Water Management focusing on water governance. Ms Mthimkhulu has led water control in Eswatini for over 20 years, ensuring equitable allocation of water resources and promoting adherence to legislation. She interacts closely with water users and different stakeholder groups to ensure that effective solutions are found to deal with prevailing challenges in the water sector. She focuses on resource planning, licensing and water use monitoring; advising on the enforcement of water policies, legislation and regulations including adherence to Transboundary Agreements and Treaties. Since 2009, Ms Mthimkhulu has led a nationwide program on the establishment of River Basin Institutions in Eswatini.  These are now being operationalized under the All Hands on Deck project which is part of the Blue Deal.