Meinte Blaas, PhD

Senior policy advisor

Mr. Blaas works as senior advisor for the Dutch national water management authorities Rijkswaterstaat, part of the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. His professional focus in twofold: one is policy advise at strategic level regarding climate adaptation for sustainable management of fresh water resources under pressure of marine and groundwater salinization. The other is internal consulting and coordination of research and advisory projects on management of salinization-prone water bodies at tactical level . This latter involves knowledge and capacity building within Rijkswaterstaat and its partners to better understand the functioning of these water bodies. Model forecasting and hindcasting, monitoring and system analysis are key elements in his work.

Mr. Blaas holds a PhD in physical oceanography at Utrecht University and has previously been working for over 15 years as researcher-consultant in various institutes on national and international projects concerning water quality, hydrodynamics and sediment transport.