Daniel Lovell

Environmental Water Coordinator

Daniel has been involved in the water industry for 20 years and has had extensive experience in the management of water resources in Northern Victoria. He has worked in the urban, rural and environmental water fields with roles as an environmental engineer at Goulburn Valley Water, G-MW and the Goulburn-Broken CMA.   Daniel undertook research into groundwater-surface water interaction in the Ovens River Valley (Masters Thesis). Then lead development of the Upper Ovens Water Management Plan, Victoria’s first to manage groundwater and surface water together. Currently Daniel is employed at the Goulburn-Broken CMA as an environmental water coordinator. He has been involved in river and wetland management including the planning, delivery, monitoring and reporting of environmental water.  From his experiences, Daniel has developed a strong understanding of the values, threats, hydrology and environmental water requirements of the streams of the Goulburn and Broken Catchment as well as water resource management in the broader Murray Darling Basin.