Rutger van Ouwerkerk, Waterschap Brabantse Delta

Rutger van Ouwerkerk was born and raised in Zeeland, the Netherlands. He completed a bachelor ‘International Land & Water Management’ at Van Hall Larenstein and a master in Watermanagement & Hydrology at Wageningen University. During his studies and his first job at IWACO he gained working experience in a number of different countries: the Cameroons, France and India.

From 2000 he has been working at the ‘DWA Waternet’ and from 2006 at the ‘DWA Brabantse Delta’ (DWA = Dutch Water Authority or ‘Waterschap’). While working at the DWA’s his focus has been on Data Mangement and their value for Operational and Tactical Water Management. During the past years he has coordinated a project called ‘Verkeerstoren’ on behalf of three different DWA’s (Dommel / Aa en Maas / Brabantse Delta). During this project the Water Control Room (HydroWATCH) was developped in cooperation with HydroLogic.