HydroLogic invites you to HydroNET Live!

Published on 24 februari 2022 by Marieke van Slooten

HydroLogic invites you to HydroNET live on 7th April! This inspiring online event connects water managers from all over the world. We will bring you a day full of interesting use-cases, the opportunity to share experiences and meet new people.

The theme of this edition is “Knowledge driven water management solutions”: the changing climate brings new challenges for water management, which can be faced by using smart solutions to translate data to knowledge. During this day, we will focus on the use of Knowledge driven water management solutions in urban water management, freshwater availability, and flood management.

To get inspired and come up with new ideas and solutions, it is essential to learn from experiences around the world and to share your knowledge with other water managers. This event offers you an excellent opportunity to mingle, network and discuss your latest insights.

More information and registration can be found here.

Register now and we hope to meet you on the 7th of April!

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